Two friends; one vision. 

Jolou Beads was launched from a small Atelier in Munich, Germany. Inspired by a passionate friendship; by common memories of long wine evenings and warm summer nights. Jolou Beads embodies the feeling of being carefree and young and to love and preserve what brings happiness to your life, no matter the age no matter the stage. Jewellery that celebrates effortless femininity through sensual aesthetics.


Joséphine und Marie-Lilien (Jo and Lou), besties who found each other whilst studying at the University of the Arts in London. Surrounded by creativity they found their common love for the beautiful things in life and the shared desire to create a lively, young and sensual brand. Together we design and produce handcrafted jewellery that brings some effortless sparkle to your everyday outfit. Each piece is inspired by the creative collaboration with our friends and celebrates the grace, beauty and individuality of every woman at every age.


Jolou Beads is the feeling of floating through a sunflower field with your best friends on a summer's day in France. To celebrate and dance like in the 60s. Jolou Beads is the cigarette after dinner with a glass of white wine and hours of conversation with your friends about the meaning of life. Jolou Beads is a homage to Friendship.